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Clean water plays a crucial role in our everyday lives. But the world is about to face a clean water crisis. The raw water resources didn’t qualified to be consumed, thus we need a water purifiers to increase water quality.

Meanwhile, rubber sector is one of the most promising business. The rapid expansion of rubber tree plantations in recent decades has been accompanied by dramatic negative results and social impacts. The importance of trees plantation is increasing as the demand for rubber. 

PT KBP producing chemicals for water, wastewater treatment and coagulant rubber. We have been researched for many years to improve the quality and provide the best product to customers. We remain faithful to our commitment for high quality products that is also cost effective, environmentally friendly and safe for our customers.

Being a manufacturer of coagulant, coagulant aid and inventor of the good quality of Chlorine booster at competitive prices and is able to compete globally.



  1. Increase market share globally 
  2. Developing product innovation, especially in the waste processing by the market needs 
  3. Being a market leader for Chlorine booster 
  4. Improving the welfare of the companies family and providing equal opportunities for all

Our Factory

Kawasan Industri Jababeka

PT KIAN BANGUN PRADIZA (KBP) was established on August 19th, 1995, is the domestic capital company engaged in the formulation, production and distribution of water purifying chemicals with brand KIANCHEM® and Specta® for latex coagulant. At its start, KBP only has a factory (blending plant) with a capacity of ~ 1200 tons / year and serves only sewage treatment. 

In 2000, production capacity increased to 3600 tons / year, while growing industries served include industrial rubber and a few state-owned water companies in Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan. 

KBP continues to grow and increase its production capacity. On June 15, 2015, KBP was inaugurated the new the factory in Jababeka, thus it will increase the production capacity up to 15000 mt/year.


Research and Development

KBP continue to develop new products to overcome any problems that arise in terms of water treatment and follow the latest issues of the environment.

KBP developed to date by relying on the strength of innovative products tailored to customer needs. KBP focuses on developing products that are more environmentally friendly and give added value and cost savings.

Research and Development team is supported by a Technical Engineer consists of people who have the knowledge, ability, and field experience are reliable and understand the application process at the level of the customer.

Human Resources

KBP is a growing company in an environment that has a high unemployment rate. With the family oriented approach, KBP recruit unproductive labor, educated and trained them that can be relied on, has a good work ethic and disciplined.


Management company remains entrusted to an experienced human resources, so it could assure its professionalism. The company conducts the training programs on a regular basis to improve and evaluate the performance of HR to become a professional, innovative worker and have a competency-based career development.


Rights and obligations between the company and the employees set together based on trust but in accordance with applicable government regulations. One of which instilled the value of the company to all employees KBP is “Togetherness”. Togetherness in the company means having a sense of ownership of the company, and therefore employees must keep up the good name of the company and co-workers also develop a sense of kinship and equality and mutual respect and appreciate for others.