Citizens paid up to Rp 40 thousand for clean water in Gresik

The District Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Gresik prepares five fleet of tank trucks that contain clean water, especially in villages that are experiencing water difficulties. It is given that there are 59 villages in four sub-districts in Gresik, East Java, the natural difficulties of clean water.

PLT Kabid Emergency and logistics BPBD GresikRegency, Dianne Hetty said, has prepared five fleet of tank trucks that contain clean water, and every day targets some villages that have difficulty in water.

“We have prepared five fleet trucks, and are ready to travel in some drought-like villages,” he said as reported between Tuesday (13/8/2019).

He noted that the four sub-districts that were exposed to the difficulties of clean water were Benjeng, Kedamean, Cerme and Balungpanggang sub-districts.

The villagers spend more in the city to buy water. Even citizens have to wait for water distribution from local water supply (PDAM) Company area.

One of the residents in Sirnoboyo village, Benjeng GresikSub-district, Sishadi Wilopo said, his village is the most severe location with clean water difficulties. The drought that occurred has lasted the last three months.

He said, every day must spend Rp20 thousand to Rp40 thousand to buy water, because the well that is usually used as a citizen to take the clean water to experience drought and only remove the water that tastes salty. “Therefore, when there the from the PDAM like this time we are very helped because already three months of water difficulties,” he said.

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