Kianchem for River Treatment

Experimentation report for Kianchem on Kaliitem (Kali Sentiong) Jakarta, Indonesia

This experimentation was held in Tuesday November 5th 2019 at Kian Bangun Pradiza’s Lab. the purpose of the experimentation is to test Kianchem product in order to reduce the odor and clear the surface of Kaliitem.

Products used in the experiment:

  1. Kianchem 


Experiment steps:

  1. Jar test equipment
  2. Dilution for Kianchem
  3. Raw water checking to acquire Turbidity, pH and Color
  4. Jar test is held using aeration method
  5. Water result is then checked to acquire Turbidity, pH and Color
  6. Data analysis and Jar Test report
Before treatment(left); After treatment (right)

Looking at picture above, it is concluded that Kianchem can reduce the odour and clear the color of Kaliitem water.

For more information regarding this experiment and product used, kindly contact us.

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