Kianchem for Coal Mining Waste Water

Experimentation report for Coal Mining Waste Water at Bontang and Melak, Indonesia using Kianchem

This experimentation was held several time including laboratory test and site test. The laboratory test was held in October 2017. The site test is conducted in  December 2017. 

The purpose of the experimentation is to test Kianchem product in order to reduce waste water TSS number; neutralise pH, to improve existing waste water quality in order to surpass the standardised waste water regulation.

Product used: Kianchem

Waste Water Pool (Bontang)
Kianchem Soluble Injection (Bontang)

Waste water from void water pool before treatment. TSS number is  4170mg/L

Waste water from void water pool after Kianchem injection. TSS number is at 153 mg/L after 24 hours inspection.

Before treatment. TSS number 286 mg/L
After treatment. TSS number 87 mg/L.
Before treatment pH 2,83 (Melak)
After treatment pH 7,43 (Melak)

From the experiment, it can be concluded that Kianchem can successfully reduce TSS number, neutralised pH, and clear the water surface.

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