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KBP is a growing company in an environment that has a high unemployment rate. With the family oriented approach, KBP recruit unproductive labor, educated and trained them that can be relied on, has a good work ethic and disciplined.

Management company remains entrusted to an experienced human resources, so it could assure its professionalism. The company conducts the training programs on a regular basis to improve and evaluate the performance of HR to become a professional, innovative worker and have a competency-based career development.

Rights and obligations between the company and the employees set together based on trust but in accordance with applicable government regulations. One of which instilled the value of the company to all employees KBP is “Togetherness”. Togetherness in the company means having a sense of ownership of the company, and therefore employees must keep up the good name of the company and co-workers also develop a sense of kinship and equality and mutual respect and appreciate for others.